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The Panchayat presidents who received the field water testing kit from Hon'ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu 1.Tmt.V.Indra Papparampakkam Panchayat, Thiruvallur Dt. 2.Tmt.A.Sunitha Mathurantaganallur Panchayat, Cuddalore Dt. 3.Thiru.D.Devasitham Thazhmbur Panchayat, Kancheepuram Dt. 4.Thiru.T.Pannerselvam Kothamangalam Panchayat, Vellore Dt.

The Hon'ble Chief minister of Tamilnadu inaugurated the Drinking water Safety Week Campaign on 19.02.2014 at the Secretariat, Chennai by handing over the Field water testing Kits developed by Tamilnadu Water Supply and Drainage Board to four Panchayat Presidents.

TAMILNADU WATER SUPPLY & DRAINAGE BOARD Drinking Water Safety Week (DWSW) Campaign " G.O. (D) No.577 M.A & W.S (WS 2) Department, dated: 21.11.2013" Drinking Water Safety Week campaign is conducted first of its kind in India DWSW Events

Day 1 : District Rally Day

Day 3 : Rural/Urban Local Body Awareness Meeting

Safe Drinking Water Campaign

In nature water quality varies from place to place, with the seasons, climate, and with the types of soils and rocks through which water moves. The quality of water should be of drinking water standards all through the seasons so as to ensure drinking water security.

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" Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board (TWAD Board),a statutory body formed by the Government of Tamil Nadu,vested with the twin task of providing water supply and sewerage facilities to the entire state of Tamil Nadu except Chennai Metropolitan Area, came into existence on 14-4-1973
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